Industry Secrets to Help You Receive More Contractor Leads

426123_tickYou know how important it is to get viewer interaction to increase your marketing visibility.  But how can you do this?  You post videos and photos and make sure that all of your content is valuable- but you still see your competitors gaining more interaction.  Why?  They may be using some simple industry secrets to achieve these results.  Something that you may never have put any thought into can be the key to gaining interaction.  So what are these key tips?

1)      Emoticons.  You may think that these simple symbols are better left to the teenagers.  But in the world of social media- using them, and using them well, can cause you to see a huge increase in response.  But not all of them are created equal.  A heart (<3 ) will see an increase of 50% interaction, while a smile displayed as( :-) ), will see a 35% increase.  Now if you want to see some serious interaction display a tongue sticking out ( :P ) or a huge grin ( :D ) will help you see 102% and 135% interaction increase respectively.


2)      Length.  Twitter may have gotten it right!  Posts under 80 characters receive an increase of 23% interaction.


3)      Ask them to comment.  Posts that ask people to like, share, comment, yes, not surprisingly receive more interaction.  However, more pushy terms such as shop, submit, and click all see less interaction.


4)      Hold a raffle or contest.  Want more interaction?  Well by advertising a contest and including the words, win, winner or giveaway, your post will see anywhere from a 40- 65% increase in interaction.


5)      Ask a question.  The best way to get viewer comments.  Ask a question.  But ask the question at the end of the post.  You will see a 100% increase in interaction.


While all of these suggestions and tips have been tried and have been found to be true- nobody knows your audience like you do.  Make sure you play around with your posts and take note and record the amount of interaction you receive.  Don’t be afraid to try new things.


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