Tips for Successful Microblogging for Your Contractor Marketing Strategy

Many know that microblogging is a useful social media contractor marketing strategy. However, the challenge lies in how to use it effectively with newsworthy content and updates on a regular basis for optimal results.

Our clients come to us for tips and advice on running an effective social media marketing campaign for their home services contractor business. After their online networks and profiles are created, most contractors are left clueless when it comes to maintaining and leveraging their social media presence. The key to a successful social media marketing campaign lies within the constant communication with the online community; these “tidbits” of information are referred to as microblogs.

The now popular concept of microblogs and microblogging has been around since 2005, though it didn’t really become popular until 2007 and 2008 with the impact of sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The fact that microblogging can occur from virtually any Smartphone these days, it’s a quick and easy contractor marketing tool if you understand a few basics.

First, the primary difference between a typical blog and a microblog is its length (hence the prefix ‘micro’). A typical blog is anywhere from 250 to 600 words, whereas a microblog is usually less than 140 characters, or 20 to 25 words.

Twitter is the most common and popular microblog social media platform, with Facebook a close second. On Twitter, a microblog is referred to as a ‘Tweet’, whereas on Facebook, it’s referred to as the well-known ‘Status Update’.

As mentioned previously, the challenge for many home service contractors is coming up with audience pleasing and newsworthy content to increase their contractor marketing business, but it doesn’t need to be difficult.  If you think just a little bit outside the box, you’ll have no problem coming up with successful microblogs for your contractor marketing campaign.

Examples of social media updates for contractor marketing microblogs include:

  1. Links to important industry news.
  2. Updates regarding any promotions or incentives your business might be implementing.
  3. Awards or certifications received by your business.
  4. Events or conferences attended by you and your business
  5. Brief tips or recommendations for your target market.
  6. Brief excerpts from some of your current blog posts with a link back to that blog post.
  7. A link to a newsworthy video or presentation.

In today’s world, to keep up with and stay ahead of the competition, it’s important to incorporate microblogs into your marketing campaign to boost your contractor marketing business. Use the examples provided here to create useful and powerful microblogs to promote and attract new contractor leads for your business.


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2 Responses to “Tips for Successful Microblogging for Your Contractor Marketing Strategy”

  1. Nathan Long Says:

    I would suggest adding job status updates to let your customers know what you accomplished that day.

  2. Chris Marentis Says:

    Excellent idea! The key is contractors have many natural events that happen within a job that offers great opportunities to micro blog (Tweet/Facebook Post etc). Pics and video can also be a part of this strategy. The key is to build it into your business workflow so it is done on a consistent basis. Would also be great to get clients involved…tell them about the posts and get them to comment. Could be fun and guess what might happen? Their “Friends” see what is happening to their home renovation and who is doing it!

    Any other thoughts on specific things to micro blog about?